Domains 2019 Conference

Back to the Future

June 10-11, 2019

21c Museum Hotel
Durham, NC

You're Invited

Welcome Letter from Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Hosting is very excited to be running our second Domains event in 2019. We figured it was high time to get together again and we’re hoping this provides a fun and creative opportunity to explore a wide range of topics in educational technology. We are framing this event around the theme of going “Back to the Future,” a dreamvision of technoir and utopianism wherein the neon possibilities of EdTechs past merge with the shadowy data that reflects the uncertain futures of data ownership, privacy, access, targeted teaching tools, cloud infrastructures, as well as the home video market!

The conference will be held on June 10th and 11th at the 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, and we hope you can make it. You can see the call for presentations below, but we want to make a concerted effort to encourage folks to submit not only presentation and panels, but also dynamic talks that use art and technology to communicate their message. Our featured speakers, to be announced anon, will be using art and interactive explorations to interrogate their topics and we hope that those of you considering presenting will follow suit.

Looking forward to see you in June so we can Reclaim a little creative fun in the conference space with an eye towards what’s to come in edtech.

P.S. – If you bring your old VHS, Betamax, and/or laserdiscs we will be sure to reward you with Reclaim Video Swag.

P.P.S. – And if you bring a Selectavision disc, then you will earn our undying respect for ever and ever!

and the countdown begins...


Conference Topics

Event Focus


A people-focused alternative to the corporate web. IndieWeb technologies focus on ownership of your data and control about where it is published.

Containers and the Cloud

Technologies like Docker and other potential futures in hosting that provide a virtual environment for running applications and platforms.

Learning Tools

Simple online learning tools that provide a low-barrier way to build capacity in the classroom.

Privacy & Surveillance

How do we build spaces that can empower individuals in both the public but also the private sphere? What are the implications for an open web that exposes vulnerability and demands literacy of data privacy?


Access is a key component of creating an open web for all. How do we build for all communities and speak with our actions?

Data Ownership

Who owns the work we grade? The work we teach? Where can the work we do live on after the semester comes to a close or the student graduates and who decides when and why it is removed?

Presentations, Artwork, Keynotes

Domains 19 Schedule

We have a jam-packed, completely awesome two days coming your way.
Have a look below at the presentations, artwork, and keynotes that will take place on June 10 & 11.

Arriving early?

Let’s meet up! If you want to say hey the night before the conference,
we’ll be hanging out in the 21c restaurant lounge from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

A map of the venue and presentation galleries can be found here.
The full list of art installations can be found here.

“The Web, and our culture, and our systems of education are bound up with each other and … they demand a particular responsibility of us.”

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