Closing out #Domains19

We wanted to give one last BIG thank you to everyone who participated in Domains 2019- whether you joined us physically in Durham, or on the web via Virtually Connecting and Twitter. It was/is our sincere hope that the important discussions that took place over those two days have helped you build new connections and hear new perspectives. Further, we have loved watching the conversation extend beyond the event through

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Ambitious futures for (digital) education: Perspectives from Tropicalia

If you’ve been following recent updates around Domains19, you’ll know that we’ll be hosting quite a few keynotes this year to round out the event. Jim blogged about the following featured keynote presentations already: Chris Gilliard & sava saheli singh will aim to complicate our conversations around futuristic technology as it relates to diversity, drawing on themes of accessibility and ownership. Martin Hawksey will explore the ethical boundaries of the

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Martin Hawksey’s Minority Report

And the hits for Domains19 just keep on coming… and this one comes all the way from Scotland with none other than Martin Hawksey, who is both creating a surveillance installation for the conference as well as speaking to how he built it using services anyone can sign-up for and a Raspberry Pi while extrapolating the broader implications of this brave new world of ubiquitous surveillance. Here is the abstract: Welcome to my world

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Domains19: The Art of Accessibility

We are thrilled to announce a keynote installation for Domains19. When we announced Domains a few months back, we were serious about opening up the possibility of allowing folks to submit art pieces/installations as well as presentations and panels, and we have gotten a fair amount thus far. To reinforce this novel way of presenting at an edtech conference, we reach out to the inimitable Ryan Seslow to keynote Domains19 via his artwork.

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Back to the Future: The Mothership or The DeLorean?

We are thrilled to finally announce the first keynote presentation at Domains19, which will be co-presented by Chris Gilliard and sava saheli singh, who will be asking the question: “Back to the Future: The Mothership or The DeLorean?” Chris jokingly wrote when describing the talk: “Think George Clinton, Octavia Butler, and The Mothership meets Domains.” We can’t think of anything cooler, and the abstract will give you a sense of what’s to come: A common (yet searingly accurate)

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