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Art Installations at Domains19

The Battle of Silicon Valley

Before you, a battle scene plays out. The sound of swords clanging against each other rings out as two sides furiously clash. Cries of frustration and anguish can be heard for miles. Gallant men ride horses that carelessly trample on anything underfoot*. These men are recognizable to most. These men are the leaders of Silicon Valley and the corporate web. Now, these men are viewed as clever entrepreneurs with a prowess for deals and expansion. However, if these men were to exist in any other time they would be called robber barons, highwaymen, and thieves. Our digital painting will allow the audience to view these men in a different, more Neoclassical light. By questioning how we view our current online landscape we can understand what motivates and drives it. *No possums were harmed in the making of this proposal. Inspired by The Battle of Austerlitz by François Gérard, 1810.

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In this ensemble of animated GIFs and interactive animations, I demonstrate the disruptively expressive capabilities of several simple learning tools: P5.js, Audacity, and avidemux. With each of these tools, I will create an animation and explanation that will show how each tool demonstrates a different modality for supporting a process: P5.js exemplifies moving from nothing to something by making the power of Processing available with the convenience of HTML5; Audacity demonstrates "databending" by using a tool designed for audio to manipulate images; and avidemux makes "datamoshing" possible by exploiting errors in video codecs. avidemux sample: P5.js sample: (created for the HCC media wall; use the space bar to create more logos)

Data: The New Flesh

This is an installation we ran at OpenEd 2013 when we first presented Reclaim Hosting. This is a media piece that will interrogate the nature of data and ownership in the wake of social media silos that have monetized the metrics of our life.

Chromatic Vision Simulator

Browse featured websites in real-time through various lenses that simulate different types of color vision deficiencies. You will be able to switch between lenses or view them side by side for comparison. The simulation includes lenses for Protanope, Deuteranope and Tritanope vision types.


memoreyes is a quadtych collage work that takes private memories and casts them in a new light. Using hundreds of eyes from vintage portraits mounted on antique photo album pages, memoreyes engages audiences by inverting the gaze and asks us to fill in the blanks - who were these people and why/where were they posing? Structured on antique album pages and resembling audio visualizing bars, this artwork will invite viewers to look into the eyes of hundreds of people and enter a realm of conversation between the viewer and the viewed.

Pimp My Board

Having a hoverboard is one thing, but how would you pimp it? Fly into the future and design your own hoverboard, using You can browse the board design gallery, and remix an existing design. Be sure to share it though - as it could be just the inspiration someone in your network needs. Sharing a remix inspires others. Sharing a hoverboard remix will DEFINITELY inspire others. Believe me, I've been to the future - I know.

TM Certified

It's an ART mashup of easy ideas lobbed together into a big pot of non-sense – bland business and investing email jargon data re-focused into a sensible new dialog to enlighten others about certified collage art as a wholly new derivative financial investment product. And it's real. Satire or fraud? ART or copyright-strikable? Who cares. Just Buy.

Portal On Site

What happens when you mix Jumanji, Back to the Future, and Domains? A wonderful short tale of a girl in the 90's who gets swept away through the internet and lands in 2019. How she gets back to her own time may surprise you. Note: This video contains captions.

Keynote Artist

Gallery 3

Ryan Seslow

This permanent installation will reside in Gallery 3 for the entire length of the conference.

More information can be found here.

“The works are visual representations for the regular distortions, missing of sounds, words and overall communication struggles that I experience daily. They represent how I feel, react, overcompensate and adjust to communication in various interactions. They are intended to be both subtle, confusing and difficult to follow.”

Keynote Artist
Main Gallery

Martin Hawksey

This installation will reside in the Main Gallery during the Art Fair on Day One.

“As a continuation of my creepiness and as a teaser for Domains I’ve created ‘Mcflyify’, a website that hooks into Google’s Cloud Vision API which allows you to make your own Marty McFly ‘Back to the Future’ style postcard.”

Keynote Artist
Gallery 7

sava saheli singh

This viewing of Frames will be a permanent installation in Gallery 7 for the entire length of the conference.

A smart city tracks and analyzes a woman walking through the city. Things she does are interpreted and logged by the city system, but are they drawing an accurate picture of the woman?

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